CochÍca Privacy and security policy

This declaration of privacy and security only applies to services given by CochÍ

The Internet is a great instrument of communication. Its growing importance has become increasingly obvious to us. With a simple click, we can have the world at our feet! People are becoming nearer all the time and experiences are quickly shared. Currently society is evolving at a galloping pace.

For all these reasons, and so that everyone can trust in this method of communication, it is important for CochÍ that all its site users and visitors know that their personal details are kept confidential.

When we ask your name, telephone number and other details, our aim is the build a close and personal relationship with those who visit our site, so that we can get to know and respond to your needs in the most efficient way.

If, for any reason, CochÍ feels the need to update is privacy and security policy, the site users will be the first to know.

CochÍ pledges that the information you give will not be used for any promotional ends, nor used by any other business or organisation. CochÍ promises to protect your privacy and makes an effort to guarantee to use this technology in a progressively more efficient way, so that we can make your experience online increasingly safe and strengthen your relationship with the World Wide Web.

If you have any question about this commitment, please do not hesitate to contact us: