Small, peaceful agricultural valley, through which a famous railway line passes. The property was once the centre of a vast ancient property, but even now the family still maintains about 60 hectares. The property is made up of vineyards and old orange orchards (producing fruit that is characteristic of the region) and is surrounded by woods and forests.
Although the Azeredo family have lived in the Bai„o area for about 400 years, it was only in 1923 that this farm was bought by the great-grandfather of the current owner. In 1992, InÍs, (who qualified in Tourism at the Porto School of Hotels and Tourism) and Carlos (an architect from the Lisbon Architectural Faculty) moved to the farm upon their marriage. They have restored the farm and remodelled it to meet the needs of manor house tourism. Their three children, Carlos Maria, Maria and Francisco, were born here, maintaining the connection of the family to CochÍca house for 5 generations.