The best way to get to Cochêca from Porto (about 60 km) is along the A4 motorway:


- Leaving at the exit for Marco de Canaveses, and following signs for Marco de Canaveses until you come to the bridge over the river Tâmega
- After crossing the bridge, turn right towards Régua/ Resende
- You will find yourself on a ring road around Marco de Canaveses. Keep going towards Régua / Resende, crossing several roundabouts.
- At the last roundabout, turn left, then turn right at the roundabout immediately after this, towards (Resende / Régua) and right at the end of this road
- You are on the EN 211, and will pass the Intermarché supermarket and the “Adega Cooperativa”
- Go straight ahead for about 10 km, after which you will see a sign on the right to "Casa de Cochêca - Turismo de Habitação"
- Follow this sign down a cobbled road until you get to the house